Voice over LTE is the standard defined by GSMA to deliver telephony services on top of an LTE network. VoLTE defines a set of requirements for the phones, the LTE radio, the EPC and the IMS.

OpenEPC supports all requirements for the EPC and together with OpenEPC the customers receive a pre-configured version of Kamailio-IMS ready for VoLTE.  You just need to plug-in a VoLTE capable LTE eNodeB, get a VoLTE capable phone and start calling.

Alternatively if you don’t have a radio and a real phone you can use the OpenEPC eNodeB and UE emulators and the IMS client provided.

The setup of OpenEPC for VoLTE has been demonstrated both virtualized and deployed on small hardware footprints at several public events using commercial LTE eNodeBs and standard phones (iPhones or OnePlus 3T).

The OpenEPC VoLTE bundle includes the MME, SPGW, HSS and PCRF. The PCRF supports the Gx and Rx interfaces and is fundamental for triggering the activation of dedicated bearers which are mandatory for the voice traffic.

If you want to use VoLTE, contact us for more details about how OpenEPC is the ideal platform.