Specifically targeting by-design scalability and flexibility over a distributed architecture, OpenEPC includes standard-based data path selection mechanisms and signaling routing mechanisms. The OpenEPC enables functionality distribution between entities at different network locations:

  • Control Message Steering by Diameter Routing
  • Flexible User-data Plane Path Selection
  • Internal Diameter Routing Agent, GTP Routing for optimized combined functionality nodes (e.g. MME+SGW+HSS in one functional element with additional optimized routing, while also maintaining all external interfaces)
Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) and Service/Subscription Locator Function (SLF)
  • Proxies Diameter Control interfaces
  • Can group multiple interfaces and provide for a simplified deployment
  • Can act as Diameter Border Entity
  • Enables flexible reselection of Diameter peers
  • Dynamic selection of HSS/SPR, PCRF and other Diameter entities
  • Simple yet effective matching rules for routing decissions


Flexible Data Path Selection

  • Built-in Weighted-Round-Robin selection mechanism(MME, SGW, PGW selection)
  • S-NAPTR support for DNS based selection
  • Support for multiple APNs and standard EPC identity resolution
  • Support for inter-domain roaming