Flexible and Elastic User-data Plane with OpenFlow v1.4.0

openepc_CPOpenEPC support for OpenFlow in Rel.6 enables the User-data and Control Plane split of the 3GPP EPC gateways using latest OpenFlow standards. This includes a functional split of the existing gateways in the infrastructure and the integration of a new control interface hosted in the cloud. While based on OpenFlow protocol v1.4.0, the implementation features also new concepts, as required to provide the full EPC functionality while harnessing the full upcoming power of OpenFlow switches.


  • Split of User-data Plane and Control Plane of the 3GPP EPC gateways (SGW, PGW) each into a pairwise control (C) and User (U) plane parts. The OpenFlow protocol is used for communication between PGW-C/PGW-U and SGW-C/SGW-U.
  • Flexible and distributed deployment of Control Plane components of individual functional network elements or combined functional elements of EPC, in the NFV direction followed more extensively by the OpenSDNCore project.
  • Full compatibility between the OpenFlow-enabled-OpenEPC and existing EPC products and deployments.
  • JSON-RPC API for OpenFlow controller extensions, enabling network-aware services and Core Network enhancements for service-awareness for networks.
  • Flexible Traffic Management including Adaptive Flow Placement and Elastic Network Design.
  • Enabling concepts for fine granularity and per Service Data Flow, on-demand Quality of Service control.
  • Latest OpenFlow support version 1.4.0.
  • Alternatively User-data Plane could be outsourced to proprietary network accelerating solutions.