OpenEPC 7 includes SMS functions:

  • SMSRouter
  • IP-SM-Gw

The SMSRouter supports the SGd and S6c interfaces as well as a NorthBound API.

The SMSRouter queries the HSS using S6c for the location of the subscriber.

  1. If subscriber is located in LTE, 3G, 2G or VoLTE the SMSRouter delivers the SMS using SGd interface to corresponding function
  2. If the subscriber is not registered but belongs to this network the SMSRouter stores the SMS in the database and subscriber to notification on registration by the HSS
  3. If the subscriber is not registered and not at home in this network the SMSRouter delivers the SMS to the home SMSC via IMS

The IP-SM-Gw implements SGd and SIP ISC interfaces to deliver and receive SMS via IMS.

Both IP-SM-Gw and SMSRouter have following features:

  • 3GPP Release 13
  • NFV deployment
  • Optimized software architecture
  • Quasi-stateless design (MME drops state to external DB from which another MME in the pool can pick up)
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Vertical scalability
  • Self-Healing
  • All other OpenEPC non functional features

This feature list may not be complete, please contact us for any question