Training tutorials

The OpenEPC team can provide Evolved Packet Core (EPC) tutorials and training sessions customized to your needs. Even more due to the portable nature of the OpenEPC we can provide hands-on tutorials on site, showing you how to use the Evolved Packet Core within your environment or event how to extend or develop your own elements based on OpenEPC.

Prototyping and Customization

Get a full OpenEPC bundle for your research and development activities to understand how your ideas, concepts, components, and solutions will need to adapt to the emerging Next Generation Mobile Network ecosystem or how your own products will perform in and around this new core network architecture.

Of course we offer our licensing customers and partners prototyping services for new EPC related functionalities. Get in contact with us via email to define extensions that you would like to evaluate with our help.

For customized on-site tutorials or customization ideas please contact us under