The team behind OpenEPC offers trainings on EPC and OpenEPC. Trainings are hands-on using OpenEPC and the topics covered and the duration can be adapted to the needs of each customer. Customers with source code license of OpenEPC can include a development training day as part of their OpenEPC training and within that day new modules or functionality will be added to OpenEPC and the details of the OpenEPC software architecture will be covered.


When you purchase a license for internal use only of OpenEPC the team offers you get access to your own ticketing system and unlimited best-effort support. Best effort support means that the OpenEPC team will answer your requests as soon as it is possible and without any response times warranties. Best effort support is free of charge included in the OpenEPC license price and ideal for R&D only customers.

Customers and partners who are building solutions or require extensive support can purchase a Premium Support package from Core Network Dynamics. For details about Premium Support packages please contact CND.


CND offers OpenEPC customization and feature implementation on demand of its customers. Whether is a prototype of a new cutting edge feature or an adaptation to your environment and needs, CND is willing to help you get the most out of OpenEPC.


For customized on-site tutorials, support offers or customization requirements please contact CND.