OpenEPC is available under a paid licensing model. The most common and best flexibility model is that of source code license for internal use. However, also lower cost binary-only options are available. On the upper range, OpenEPC modules code can be licensed even for inclusion within commercial products.

To ensure the continuous development of the project, OpenEPC is available under a range of paid licenses:

  • for internal-use only with unlimited capacity/time/instances, yet without redistribution or commercial-use rights, in either:
    • binaries-only
    • source code
  • technological prototype, as base for creating commercial products
  • ready-to-use carrier-grade components from the OpenEPC++ hardened project branch, with capacity-based licensing
    • non-commercial or commercial use options
    • LTE, WiFi Core Network Mobility targeted for general availability from Q1-2015
    • other features like 2G/3G, CS-services, IMS, PCC, ANDSF provided under experimental terms without hard warranties, to be improved based on customer demand

For more information, prices, as well as a customized offer including all the licensing terms, please contact us with your requirements via email at