Customers and partners are using OpenEPC for public safety because of its compliance, efficient design and unique features. Whether moving from TETRA to LTE, for Mission Critical applications or disaster recovery scenarios: OpenEPC includes the right feature set including:

  • Flexible deployment options
    • Decentralized
    • Network in a Box
    • EPC @ eNodeB
    • MESH of EPCs
    • Disaster recovery options
  • Comprehensive feature set
    • LTE completeness
    • Prioritization API
    • Broadcast

The MESH features are a unique feature of OpenEPC that permits two complete EPCs deployed in different units coordinate with each other and collaborate providing an extended coverage area and creating a MESH of such EPCs. A user can handover between the EPCs without changing IP address with global routeability inside the MESH.

If you work in communications for Public Safety and want to learn more how OpenEPC can be used in these scenarios contact us.