The OpenEPC addresses the R&D needs of both academia and industry partners which require testbed deployments, prototyping new network features and applications for the emerging all-IP broadband mobile networks with the standard EPC architecture for 2G/3G/LTE/WiFi test-beds. E


OpenEPC enables a quick start for prototyping new core network functionality and applications designed for the emerging all-IP broadband mobile networks with the EPC architecture. The software offers:

  • Easy development: The implemented OpenEPC functionality follows the standard 3GPP Release 12 and is available for licensing with its entire source code. Although developed components were inspired by the current standards, several own optimizations for operation in all-IP environments were also introduced. As the OpenEPC brings together more than 15 different functional elements, its complexity should not be underestimated. When licensing the components fully featured configuration and provisioning data as well as an installation and how-to guides up to source code documentation will be provided. This should allow for an easy learning curve even without having any previous EPC knowledge.
  • Configurability: OpenEPC can be provided, deployed and configured to match the needs for testing entire mobile operator topologies or even only some components or use cases. As an example, all interfaces are both IPv4 and IPv6 ready and can be provisioned as required. OpenEPC can be provided in configurations ranging from all-in-one minimized IP connectivity breakout for a single RAN, through virtualized on-the-go minimal requirements setups, as well as for full-blown maximum performance deployments targeting field-trials.
  • Extensibility: adding new functionality, whether new mobility schemes or policy and charging control protocols or other features to the components is as easy as it gets with the modular OpenEPC architecture.

Functional testing, conformance testing or interoperability tests of individual or multiple components can be done using OpenEPC. Although not targeting 100% compliance with the standards on this R&D track, a good and easy inter-operability with external functionality is the norm.

OpenEPC can be used by connecting your access network setup and Service Delivery Platforms e.g. for IMS, advanced Internet applications or other. For demonstration purposes, we also provide applications such as the Open Source IMS Core and IMS clients.

For 2G, 3G, and LTE radio components and client devices, we can recommend a range of off-the-shelf preferred equipment which has been pre-validate with OpenEPC. These have been especially picked such that they would fit both the operational as well as financial constraints of R&D labs and test-beds.