OpenEPC is ideal for R&D activities whether it includes deploying a test-bed for LTE/3G/2G/Wi-Fi technologies support or doing demonstrations of your product and solutions using a realistic core network implementation or further developing the standards towards the 5G core. More than 8 years providing OpenEPC to over 90 organizations pursuing R&D world-wide are our credentials.

Licensing OpenEPC for R&D is easy as there are specific licensing options for this use case. You just need to select which functions you need (or the complete OpenEPC or some of our bundles) and if you want source code or binaries.

OpenEPC is software only and fully Linux user space based, with no kernel dependencies. OpenEPC is so efficient that can be deployed in the most constrained hardware (e.g. a RaspBerry Pi) and so flexible that it can also be deployed in a cloud data-center.

When you acquire OpenEPC you receive a comprehensive solution that includes all you need to setup a core network and to use it including emulators for the radio functions and UE.

A delivery of OpenEPC typically includes:

  • Access to the OpenEPC code or binaries (depending of license selected)
  • Supporting documentation
  • A set of pre-configured virtual machines of OpenEPC
  • A pre-configured Kamailio-IMS instance for demonstration purposes
  • EnodeB and UE emulators including IMS client
  • SIM cards and tools for provisioning SIM cards
  • A Web GUI to provision and monitor all OpenEPC functions
  • Scripts that permit re-configuring the system easily (changing the deployment option, creating new VMs, modifying MCC/MNC, provisioning DNS and HSS etc.)
  • Access to the full documentation of OpenEPC explaining standard activities like connecting OpenEPC to an LTE small cell (various vendors described step by step)
  • Access to a ticketing system to contact the OpenEPC support team
  • The eNodeB-M emulator which can emulate several eNodeBs/UEs and can trigger and support all signaling procedures supported by OpenEPC as well as data plane tests
  • Tools for deploying OpenEPC in an NFV/OpenStack environment including a root qcow , Heat templates and scripts and descriptors for several VNFMs.

With this you can have a full setup of an EPC lab in minutes and not one, but as many as your organization needs. A lab in each engineers laptop with the virtual machines is a common option.