While source code is available under paid licensing models, OpenEPC on its entire functionality is not Open Source, but Open in the sense of Open Standards, Open Interfaces, Open Protocols, Verbose Operations and Flexible Configuration.

There are though some parts and components which are available under open source licenses, like for example components provided as examples or those that are of common use within related project, like the Open Source IMS Core. As OpenEPC reuses functionality from many established open source projects and those additions and enhancements are, of course, also available for free.

We have made significant investments into the development of OpenEPC, much more than for example into the Open Source IMS Core project. We fully understand and value the force of open source. The Open Source IMS Core project is probably the best proof that we appreciate the community contributions and, as such, we will continue to give back.

To ensure the continuous development of the project, OpenEPC is available under a range of paid licenses:

  • for internal-use only with unlimited capacity/time/instances, yet without redistribution or commercial-use rights, in either:
    • binaries-only
    • source code
  • technological prototype, as base for creating commercial products
  • ready-to-use carrier-grade components from the OpenEPC 7 hardened project branch, with capacity-based licensing
    • non-commercial or commercial use options
    • LTE, WiFi Core Network Mobility targeted for general availability in Q1-2015
    • other features like 2G/3G, CS-services, IMS, ANDSF provided under experimental terms without hard warranties, to be improved based on customer demand

If you are interested in licensing OpenEPC or simply R&D in the EPC or related fields, you should contact info@openepc.com now, requesting an immediate offer for current and missing features.


3rd Party Open Source Projects

For functional purposes, OpenEPC uses established open source projects wherever one as such exists already. Where feasible and acceptable, we are pushing those changes back to the original projects. In other cases though, our changes are so particular that they are out of the original project’s scopes. For this reason and also for convenience, we are providing those projects in the modified form which is directly usable for our OpenEPC purposes.