OpenEPC includes several innovations within them its support for Decentralized Core Networks.

These are available in two variants: pushing OpenEPC functions to the edge and implementing caches for those functions that are still centralized; and MESH of full core networks.

Pushing to the edge is part of OpenEPC Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) proposition. With MEC it is possible to reduce latency and implement traffic policies that use resources efficiently. Decentralized OpenEPC is particularly interesting for offsite and onboard deployments as well as industrial IoT and Tactile Internet applications.

The MESH of core networks is a featureĀ  that permits to deploy several units of a complete core network (including PDN-Gw) with their own radio (i.e. typically an LTE Small Cell) and they behave autonomously when separated from each other. When the units become near to each other and can connect in a backhaul interface they coordinate to each other to behave as a unique network which provides an extended coverage area. The result is that a user can roam between the different core networks preserving his IP Address and doing handovers between the units.

This MESH of core networks is a feature fundamental for Public Safety scenarios that has not yet been standardized. OpenEPC innovates beyond the standards and provides solutions to the most demanding markets. In particular this feature uses cutting edge SDN procedures and technology.

Please contact Core Network Dynamics GmbH for more details.