Based on a central HSS/SPR, OpenEPC enables authentication and authorization functionality for 3GPP and non-3GPP access networks. For non-3GPP access, OpenEPC provides the standard AAA-Server/Proxy functionalities for:

  • Authentication and authorization for trusted and untrusted non-3GPP accesses
  • 3GPP/non-3GPP accesses information convergence in the HSS
  • Integration with RADIUS for EAP-AKA/EAP-AKA’ authentication to industry standard WiFi/WiMAX Access Points and IPsec concentrators, in conjunction with the use of USIM cards
  • Authentication and key generation facilities for Layer 2 attachment as well as IPsec
Non-3GPP accesses AAA functionality includes:
  • AAA-Server/Proxy
  • SWx interface with the HSS/SPR
  • SWa, STa, SWm interfaces with the Access Network Gateways (ePDG, ANGw)
  • S6b interface with the PGW
  • SWd interface between AAA-Server and AAA-Proxy
  • RADIUS authentication server in the Access Network Gateways (ePDG, ANGw)
  • Integrations with enterprise-class Access Points
  • Proof-of-concept demonstrator for ePDG with industry-standard StrongSwan IPsec functionality