OpenEPC supports the functionality of the 3GPP Evolved Packet Core towards the LTE access network. This covers:

  • MME implementation for:
    • S1-MME with S1AP, NAS
    • S11 with GTPv2-C
    • S6a with Diameter
    • EMS/EMM with NAS
    • (X2 with X2AP)
  • SGW support for S11 with GTPv2-C and S1-U with GTP-U towards access network
  • Integration with 3rd party eNodeB solutions (e.g. off-the-shelf small-cells)
  • Own eNodeB emulation:
    • S1-MME/U aligned to standards, built-in NAS emulation
    • LTE-Uu radio emulated with WiFi
    • standard procedures like DHCP/IP used, such that virtually any standard Ethernet/WiFi/etc device can be connected
  • Own almost-complete eNodeB implementation
    • complete stacks for S1AP, X2AP, GTP-U, RRC, PDCP, RLC
    • simplified MAC
    • emulation of PHY-over-UDP, or integrations with 3rd party PHY that have their API aligned with industry standards
  • Standard based selection of MME and SGW, with DNS S-NAPTR and weighted distribution capabilities
The LTE integration includes the functions for:
  • Dynamic support for attachments and detachments from the LTE access
  • Support for GTPv2-C based mobility management
  • Authentication and authorization, with adequate LTE security procedures
  • Support for default and dedicated bearer establishment and termination (QoS Signalling)
  • Support for S1 and X2 interfaces