OpenEPC supports the integration with UMTS/HSPA UTRAN including:

  • SGSN implementation for:
    • Iu-PS with RANAP, SCCP, M3UA and SCTP
    • S4 with GTPv2-C/GTP-U
    • S6d with Diameter
    • GMM, SM with GSM-L3
  • SGW support for S4/S12 with GTPv2-C/GTP-U towards access network
  • Upcoming SGW support for Gn/Gp with GTPv1-C/GTP-U towards legacy access networks
  • Home-NodeB-Gateway (HNBGW) supporting Iuh interface for small cells
  • Integration with third party NodeB (e.g. off-the-shelf small-cells)
  • Own NodeB emulation (Iu-PS aligned to standards, Uu radio emulated with WiFi)
  • MSC implementation for:
    • Iu-CS with RANAP, SCCP, M3UA, SCTP
    • GMM, SMS and CC with DTAP/GSM-L3
The UTRAN integration includes functions for:
  • Support for MSC and SGSN controlled attachments and detachments procedures
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Support for default and dedicated bearer establishment and termination (QoS Signalling)
  • Call Control for CS-Voice, with direct translation to an IMS-ready SIP/RTP interface
  • SMS with direct translation to an IMS-ready SIP interface