OpenEPC 7 is the production ready version of OpenEPC

After seven years delivering OpenEPC for R&D to over 90 customers world-wide, OpenEPC 7 was released in November 2016 which constitutes a major milestone for the product. OpenEPC 7 is not only the mobile core for Public Safety, IoT and special networks but also for standard LTE operators as it includes:

  • The LTE core has passed over 800 tests cases of a Tier 1 operator with an external testing tool
  • VoLTE readiness has been tested in the lab and done public demonstrations using the native dialer of iPhone and Android phones
  • Performance optimizations allow not only for the efficient reduced deployments that have characterized OpenEPC but to achieve also several Gbps throughput and capacity for the millions of subscribers
  • Integration with OpenStack and support for NFV deployments and life-cycle management
  • Significant improvements (protocol stacks, emulators, decentralized deployment models)

The next releases of OpenEPC provide further production capabilities as well as features in the direction of the 5G core and the 3GPP Next Generation Core (e.g. further integration with SDN)

Core Network Dynamics GmbH provides licensing of OpenEPC including shared source code licensing to customers for R&D purposes as well as OEM agreements for partners who want to adapt OpenEPC to specific markets and provide commercial solutions based on OpenEPC. Contact CND for more information

About OpenEPC

OpenEPC is the software only mobile core network for 4G, 3G, 2G and Wi-Fi which implements 3GPP Release 12 EPC standards in a flexible and efficient way ensuring compatibility and ease of integration with 3rd party functions and hardware as well as virtualized environments. OpenEPC has been used by more than 90 Operators, Vendors, Integrators and Academic institutions for testing and R&D activities associated with mobile networks since 2009 and now with OpenEPC 7 it is been used also for production solutions not only specific to certain markets like Public Safety and IoT but also for MNOs and MVNOs.

OpenEPC is developed and maintained by Core Network Dynamics GmbH which offers licensing and professional services for OpenEPC.